ISS and the New Haven Housing Authority Case Study


The Housing Authority of New Haven (HANH) is a public housing agency in New Haven, Conn. that participates in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, and Public Housing programs. The housing authority has seven family communities, four senior communities, and seven senior/disabled communities, located throughout New Haven.

The Housing Authority was established in 1938 by the city of New Haven in response to the United States Housing Act of 1937. Elm Haven, HANH’s first housing development, planned in 1939, was one of the earliest public housing projects in the nation, a forward-thinking trend that still exists within HANH’s philosophy today.

Responding to an expanding senior population in the early 1970s, HANH built more high-rises and garden apartment complexes.

Today, the Housing Authority’s developments and scattered sites provide affordable community living and quality of life services for more than 1,900 families comprising of low- and middle-income households, families with children, seniors, disabled, young couples starting out, people in career transition and those saving to buy a home of their own.


The Housing Authority continues to find new ways to serve the ever-changing needs of an ever-growing population, and one of those needs is a safe and secure building. According to a recent Department of Housing and Urban Development report, public housing properties within high poverty neighborhoods, regardless of the racial makeup of the area, are more likely to have issues with violent crime, while those that are scattered among neighborhoods with low crime rates have fewer problems with violent crime.

Recently, NANH tore down and rebuilt two new buildings in its Farnum community, which is located near an area of New Haven that has experienced higher crime rates. “The building manager was looking into a variety of measures to reduce violent crime and improve safety for all of its residents in that community,” says Bill Mackey of Consolidated Electric in New Haven,

Conn., who was the integrator on the project. “The building manager is not only in charge of security and access control, but she also handles renting and evictions, and she wanted a system that is easy to use. She wanted to be able to view hallways, elevators, trash chutes in addition to all exterior areas, including parking lots. The city of New Haven and the developer wanted a cost-effective option that would also allow for growth, and the New Haven police department wanted to have access to the security cameras that would allow them to send data to patrol officers on crime scenes. Therefore, we had several requirements that needed to be met.”

The Solution

Working with Chris Gingras of MGN & Associates and a manufacturer’s representative firm for Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) for the New England area of the U.S., Mackey installed 61 indoor and outdoor Bosch IP high-resolution, intelligent fixed dome security cameras in two

buildings. The cameras provide clear images, including panoramic 360 views for the central areas and elevator banks on each floor of both buildings.

In building A, Mackey installed 3 Bosch FLEXIDOME IP starlight indoor cameras, 10 Bosch FLEXIDOME IP outdoor cameras, 13 Bosch FLEXIDOME IP panoramic indoor cameras and 12 Bosch FLEXIDOME IP indoor cameras.

In Building B, Mackey selected and installed 2 Bosch FLEXIDOME IP starlight indoor cameras, 10 Bosch FLEXIDOME IP outdoor cameras, 6 Bosch FLEXIDOME IP panoramic indoor cameras and 5 Bosch FLEXIDOME IP indoor cameras

The Bosch IP starlight outdoor cameras are a true day/night camera, offering excellent performance, day or night. The built-in infrared LEDs provides nighttime monitoring with 98 feet viewing distance in darkness. The Bosch FLEXIDOME IP indoor cameras use Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction that actively analyzes the contents of a scene and reduces noise artifacts accordingly. The low-noise image and H.265 compression technology provide clear images while managing bandwidth and storage.

All of the Bosch IP cameras installed include built-in video analytics as a standard, which provides intelligence and helps to improve overall security in both buildings.

The property manager monitors and manages the video surveillance, and using ISS’ SecurOS™ Enterprise VMS, she can also manage access control and analytics such as license plate recognition in the parking lots. The ISS Enterprise framework can manage and monitor an unlimited number of cameras and devices, apply video analytics, and act as an integration platform for a variety of third-party systems. Built to handle enterprise level deployments, SecurOS Enterprise, comes with built-in Native Failure functionality, Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP integration, and has an extensive set of cybersecurity features that make it a reliable and secure video management platform.

The Benefits

“This was an interesting security installation in that it was not built into the design process,” Mackey says. “And all parties were looking for a high level of support for the system, as they have plans to tear down and rebuild many other NANH properties. Once they met Chris and learned about the ISS solution, they knew that they would receive that support, and that has definitely been the case since the project was complete.”

Although Public Housing properties can still be a hot spot for criminal activity in some communities, Public Housing Agencies such as NANH are investing in security technology and thus, improving the safety and security of their residents.